Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 6

Ok, so I went, I saw and I conquered. 22 minutes on the cycle thingy averaging 18.1 miles per hour for 5.6 ish miles. 50+ minutes of interval treadmill with speed walking and breath-catching walking ;o) I did some stretches from back in the day from modern dance class. You might think my memory only extends so far behind me, but 15-17 years ago isn't THAT long, is it? Ha ha!

I am going to be 33 in 24 days and it is shaping up to be an interesting year, thus far. We have many dreams and plans, but we shall see what comes to pass. We hope to get Katherine in Iron Kids this summer to run, bike and swim in her first mini triathlon. We are going to be a family full of active crazies! Better than being idle, I suppose.

Tomorrow, who knows what will come of a workout, but hopefully I am up earlier than today so I can get home at a more reasonable time.

Ok, that covers it!


Marfa said...

There a marathon here in Cincinnati...called the Flying Pig...and a shorter version called the Flying Piglet for the kids on Sat April 30th...we're doing it! Looking forward to it.

I want to hear all about the mini triathlon for Kat...sounds fun!

h west said...

Man, you're really gettin' up there, ain't ya. And, yes, I'm laughing that Aaaaanold's mother is Aurelia.