Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Girl Who Stole My Heart...and My Wimple

This one above is my girl in her special blanket that she has had since she was a month or two old, that my dad's mom made her and that thing on her head is the wimple. I made it for myself because I like to keep my hair short and it is like a hat and scarf joined together as a tube shape. It has a really pretty and simple pattern called Old Shale. She decided it was cozy and perfect, so she appropriated it for most of our trip to the mountains for her birthday!

This is Katherine and her good friend the first morning in the mountains and Kat is wearing the vest I made her (with the wimple, of course!!!) that I mentioned in my previous post. That vest only JUST fits and I hope it will last her, otherwise I will be picking up some stitches on the bottom edge to lengthen it!

Well, just wanted to remember to share the vest with you all, since I had posted about it earlier. Have a wonderfully blessed day, full of love and peace!