Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Only Tuesday

So, I can't wait for this week to be over, and it's only tuesday afternoon!!! We are out of the house for the better part of each day and I am so tired. It is quite convenient that friday marks the last day of september and saturday will be october 1st! This week we have had a doctor's appointment for Jay, vigil and liturgy, and will have dance and kung fu for Kat, Tai Ji for me, a friends' in the mountains, Berry Patch Farms (which also assumes canning will follow, another appointment for Jay with Voc. Rehab., and Lair o' the Bear, because we are in the neighborhood. I think my head may stop spinning mid-october, but I am not making any promises.

That all being said, I can officially say that, in october, things will slow down. The biggest piece in that puzzle is sticking to it and not over scheduling us. The things I have to happily reconcile with each week are: Church, Kat's schooling, Kung Fu and dance, Tai Ji, and Kat and papa's date night, because they MUST have one, or else I will never hear the end of it! So, on top of that, there is the daily routine that involves Bible reading, the Psalter and saint of the day, basic chores, family time, and so on. All the while, saving money to make a trip to Cali. Whew! Man, I thought this week was looking busy, but I think the older she gets, my tiredness will grow in proportion to her activities and social life! If she wasn't an only, I wouldn't be so concerned about her having some time with kids her own age, but it doesn't always fit in the way we would hope.

Well, that is the 6 weeks of our lives, starting next week. Good grief! The goal in all this time is to be frugal, focused and quiet. Can we do it?!?! If we buckle down and tune out the sound of the world, it just may happen. It would be SO nice to get out of town and spend some time in sunny California, but I refuse to overbook us when we are there! Last time seemed to work out really well, as far as timing and seeing people, but I still didn't get to see my Goddaughter in AZ on the way home because I got sick. I would actually like to plan a special trip, just to see them sometime, so they aren't just a flyby, as it were. In any case, last time we saw the West family, in their home and at the beach, which was great and we hope to see them again. We also got to visit with Jay's cousin and her family in San Diego and it was totally worth the trip, but it seem so short, although I am not sure any of us would find a good stopping point in talking, unless we had oodles of time. We spent a couple afternoons with Nicole and Sophia at the beach, which was super relaxing and much needed. Seeing my grandma was great, as always, she loves having Jay around to do 'man' stuff. He is really handy and can fix a lot, not to mention, he cooks and cleans, so she thinks he is wonderful.

Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on the journey of the next 6-7 weeks, I am trying to avoid burnout and hope to attain some hapy medium, where everyone gets what they need and a little bit of what they want. Talk to y'all soon!