Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soften This Heart

Broken from the inside out
Unable to think where to begin
Words speak little of the truth beyond
As hollowness skulks nearby
Awaiting its prey in the shadows
Where depths of heaviness descend
Sinking into the person within
The farther they go
Down into brilliance
With an absence of color
Night interrupts day
Into peaceful solitude
Contemplation begins anew
Resolve is barely conceived

O, God, my God
Hear my call and visit me
For this darkness can be nothing
With You by my side
Emptiness is refilled
In Your very wake
Weakness is complete
In Your embrace
Strength is given freely
By virtue of Your peace

Dispirited and disheartened
Gather me together
Soften this heart
Teach patience and fortitude
Humility and wisdom
Though I am a capricious student
Heal this mess in spite of me
Grant me the opportunity
To walk with You in Grace
To talk with You in times of need
To listen when I cry out
Answer what I need to hear
Be always by my side
In this weary tumult of life
Mold this heart of mine
Keep my path before me

I do not know how to be unbroken
O God, help set my feet aright
Glory to God for all Things
In all ways, forever