Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Update

We got a lot of powdery snow in the night and the high was below freezing today! It is Colorado in January. I went and had coffee with my Nook to read for a bit, before going to Joann's for fabric to make the cloak for our reader. I have to be nearly non-existent on wednesdays, since Kat is so happy with her time she has with her papa. Today wasn't any different, so I was gone for that much, then home again to eat and gather my things to go knit. I have been out of the house most of the day, returned in the 6 degree blanket of night, and I am about ready for bed.

I read some of two different books today, both of which are spiritually geared. I began with First Fruits of Prayer, by Frederica Mathewes-Green, about the Canon of St. Andrew, as a journey through it during great lent. I really like reading it, so I find it challenging to put it down, as it flows well and draws the reader in. It is set up to be read by anyone, which makes welcome those from various backgrounds, not simply other Orthodox Christians. I also read some more in 'My Life in Christ, or Moments of Spiritual Serenity, of Reverent Feeling, of Earnest Self-Amendment, and of Peace in God', by St. John of Krondstadt, and I find it serious, purposeful, dense, and amazing. I am not sure how it differs from the other title, 'My Life in Christ', but perhaps I will find out. It may be the longer version, I don't know. It is accurate while discussing a wide range in life. As I sat in the coffee shop, I read a short section and nearly cried, because I saw myself in what was being described. It is an honest work that I find gentle and even calming in a time like now. It is hard to describe, but it is all of what I need just now.

When I got in tonight, Jay mentioned that Kat was cuddled up with a blanket and more tired than usual, and even volunteered herself for bed. Something is going on with her physically for her to be so cooperative. She is either fighting off a virus of some sort, or she is low in iron. She has been asking for meat since the feast and that is unusual, as she is our veggie girl, so it makes me wonder if she is low in something specific, and I know protein isn't it. The diet has drastically changed for her since Nativity, but that is as simple as having cornflakes for breakfast instead of hot cereal. It may even be a combo of the two possibilities. I was reading up on the iron deficiency and the symptoms fit, but so do other things. It sites poor iron absorption, rapid growth, and lack of iron in food, all of which may be cause for her possible lack. She has recently had a pretty big growth spurt, we haven't had as much green leafy's around as we are getting low on funds a week from payday, and I remember reading that people who don't process the red color in beets and flush it out, may have trouble absorbing iron. Hmm, I suppose that the next day or so will tell what is going on with her, I hope. I think we will have a green smoothie for breakfast, which is likely to help either possible issue, so we shall see.

There are 3 women I know who are due to have babies within just weeks of one another, between late february through early april! They are all expecting girls and they all have not expected to getting pregnant, either at all, or again! Did I mention that at least 2 of them have march birthdays, but the other one, I don't know hers, but I am beginning to think it may be march, just by default. Wow! I *heart* babies! I am super excited and happy for all of them.

Well, off to bed, for now.


elizabeth said...

enjoyed your post; all the best with figuring the diet things; not easy to discern sometimes! Hugs!

peacework designs said...

I'm waiting for the part where you're supposed to say, 'Meema has DEMANDED that the Dunn family come and live with her until the end of her days and then THEY are forbidden to leave it.'