Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a Day!

Let's see, today is my baby sister's birthday, though she is all grown and not so small anymore, she will always be my baby. Funny about the things we think about and hold onto from childhood. I took her with me to our coop preschool when I was 3 and told everyone she was MY baby, even then, so why would now be any different, right? She is now married, the mother of my two adorable nephews, and a remarkable woman, indeed! She has made it through so very much in her life, I hope that her boys are all a blessing to her in these years to come, as I know she is for them. Happy Birthday and Many Years, my lil sis, Caitlin Veronica!!!

In other news, I went shopping for food for the Nativity Feast (o.s.) this morning after breakfast with Kat, who got her own money to chose items. After which we came home, walked the dogs, got ready and went out the door for a TBI appointment for Jay, at the VA, then home again to gather Kat's things to go to Kung Fu and dance, while I stayed home to cut out and sew a hooded red fleece Christmas cape for the girl, all before they got home! Phew! I am nearly done, I only have minor details to work with, like what sort of closure to use at the top, whether I want to trim it with something, etc. I only hope it is not too long, or too wide in the shoulders. She is a narrow girl and it is easy to lose her in clothing that is too big around!

To those of you who have recently commented on here, I tried a number of times to reply, but it has been choppy, at best, but I just want to say thanks, you are much appreciated :)

Currently, I am reading Till We Have Faces, by C.S. Lewis, his take on the Greek myth of Psyche and Cupid; and, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, which I like MUCH better than I expected. All of the classics that we were expected to read, but made my eyeballs droop, were of a variety that never really spoke to me, at least not then.

This week I need to step up my game to get things done for Nativity, because then it will be our 12 days of Christmas that we try to keep and then Theophany and house blessings. I am knitting a red cape for Kat's American Girl doll to match hers, so I hope to finish soon.

All the best to all of you out there!


Marfa said...

How nice that you gave Kat some $$$ to pick out what foods she wants! I wish Americans would celebrate the 12 days of parents next door neighbor had their tree on the curb Dec 26th, for example! Crazy. We start our 12 days of Christmas in 3 more days, too!!!
May you all have a blessed feast of the Nativity!

elizabeth said...

love to you! almost Christmas here too...