Thursday, December 13, 2012

Forest Walking

It is a muddy clay that is underfoot in these hills and mountains. The very same that has molded the prints of the creatures that wander these woods. Today, on our daily outing following breakfast, we went the road less travelled in these parts, which is saying something, because you have to know them in order to navigate them without losing your way. In frozen mud we found cougar tracks and also bobcat. There were deer also, but the most exciting were the cats.

There is a curiosity to see them with one's own eyes, but knowing that is less than advisable, at least for the mountain lion. It was wondrous to see such perfectly made feet, in a full set of its paws, set in the mud. We are learning to distinguish the times from our rains, freezes, thaws, snows, etc. that would give opportunity to a creature for making such prints.

I am in awe of the beauty and magnificence, but also the sheer magnitude of the awakening of the piece of ourselves that we cannot hear in the bustle of the cities and towns. We are quietly beginning to hear the voice that calls from down within, which speaks to each of us in turn. To be so near all this life is truly breathtaking and humbling.