Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life and Times

I have begun knitting my own sweater for the first time. I have made other things for myself that I wear, but never a full sweater. I have made them for others, but never for myself. My dear friend and fellow knitter, Val, gave me some delicious rust colored yarn and I have finally come up with an idea of what to make with it. I have designed the pattern myself and I am looking forward to seeing what comes of it. So far, it is actually pretty good. I am pleasantly surprised by the way it is working up and will share pictures when I am done.

I have ever so many knitting projects that I need to finish, I have just not found my rhythm with knitting since our move and it has become a little bit difficult, at times. Knitting has been a source of peace and comfort, while creating useful, beautiful items, in moments of struggle. I truly love knitting, even though my hands have begun to cooperate less than in the past. I have to finish two other sweaters: one for Kat (the sleeves have yet to get on the needles), and doing the neck edge for a family member, which requires some focus and concentration I have not been able to really muster lately. Oh well, in due time.

In other news, things are coming along on the farm. We have encountered some bumps, but they were to be expected, though it has left little down time from work. We will get there, especially after a calendar year of seasons to be acquainted with and the rhythm of the farm, not to mention, the addition of goats in the springtime! Kat is especially excited about the prospect of the goats coming. She has had her life dream come true at such a young age. I asked where she saw herself when she was grown up and she told me that she might have some more animals, go to town for a few things, and church. Yeah, she does not anticipate much change in her life and I do hope she is able to follow her dream as long as possible.

The weather is yet another thing to contend with, since the rain and snow makes or interesting mud and a couple weeks ago, we had awful wind. The wind was so violent it kept most of us in restless and fitful sleep the entire night. I remember waking a number of times and only knowing I had been asleep, because I opened my eyes and was conscious of the blasted wind and would fall off again into a sleep of little comfort and peace. That day was a rough one to be had, though we came out of it better in the end.

Well, that is about it for now, but I am supremely glad to be back on here. I had searched for a blogger app, but to no avail, until today. I had been trying to post from being signed in through our web browser, but it kept having a malfunction and not allowing me to do anything. So, this makes all the difference in the world! Yay!


elizabeth said...

So glad to hear from you again! May God continue to bless you all in this new time! Moving and adjusting takes time...

Martha said...

Will you share a picture of your sweater? Every Wednesday you can join in the "Yarn Along" by blogging and linking up here: