Monday, December 3, 2012

Slava Bogu

Since living on the little farm, which Katherine has aptly dubbed "The Lord's Land", our lives have taken an unexpected turn, however it is as good as ever. We are decidedly learning the season of change and what they bring, naturally following the daily cycle of rhythm for wake and sleep, and figuring out a balance for work, play, pray, and relax.

It isn't any wonder that we have been given a new perspective on a great many things. We are grateful for all the land produces and dream in seedlings and harvests, chicks and goats, berries and orchard offerings. The rise and set of the sun and moon ushers a great peacefulness into an otherwise busy and hectic day. We wake, spend the morning as a family over breakfast, do schoolwork, dishes, housework, let chickens out and check their food, dogs in and out, perhaps a nature walk, all the while planning greater projects for the afternoon's engagement.

The warm, long days of plenty have given way to the cool, darker days of quiet solitude. Yes, there is always something to be done, but it can be metered more easily in the autumnal winter-scape where fewer balls are left to juggle and priorities can be made. This is the home of my heart on this world and should passing into Eternity resemble any of what we are so blessed to encounter here, may God have mercy on us all, that we should be so fortunate to partake of then.

I am so full in all my senses being immersed in such tangible Divinity, I find I have fewer places within me with need. There is little left to need, when all is such a beautiful provision. It is work, but it is good work. It is hard, but it is a struggle worth battling. It is always something, but it is everything we never knew it could be, and more.


elizabeth said...

what a blessing! so glad for you...

Martha said...

happy feast of the "Entrance of the Theotokos" to you! ♥