Monday, December 24, 2012

So, This Is Christmas

We are planted here and settling in. We have discovered that our morning walks after breakfast fit nicely in our routine, though they have been mostly snow covered this past week. So much that we nearly couldn't get off the mountainside to town for the feast of Nativity. Thankfully, we have made it and the day has been glorious, however cold. We will have the liturgy in the morning in celebration of God becoming Man, what a joyous feast! Jay has been serving in the altar and he is really liking it and his health finally allows for it. He is there as I write this, due to Kat being exhausted. Apparently, she was too excited for coming to town, church, and to see family and friends, she hardly got any quality sleep and wore her little self out in anticipation, so we came home to my folks' early to let her rest.

Tomorrow following the liturgy there will be a meal and fellowship. It will be nice to see people and celebrate the feast together. After so many days of fasting, a person can really use some cheer and warmth found with caring souls. Though the calendar has shifted for our festal celebrations liturgically, I thought it may take more adjustment than it has. Fact is, a fast is a fast is a fast, no matter your date. 40 days without meat and dairy is one thing, but entering into a fast spiritually as we have come to know, is certainly familiar regardless. We will also be enjoying the company of family and friends at my folks' in the late afternoon to feast and be together. Such a wonder it can be sometimes, just to be together. I have missed that familial sense of holidays with my family; it has truly been ages. Many of our family traditions and whatnot are still here, no matter how old I get. I hope to pass that along to Kat as she grows, but more so, I pray she has a deeper connection with what has barely begun to touch my heart.

We are essentially broke, but not because of buying gifts, it just is that way. I feel most blessed in having practically no money for most of the month, yet have the most rewarding and moving season I can remember. It is yet another reminder of how we do not need things to occupy our hearts and lives, but people, moments, benevolence, kindness, peace, mercy, and most certainly love are key to survival! I struggle and am absolutely imperfect, but in my weakness I have found strength. In darkness there is beauty and light to be found in shades and tones of splendor, for every night has its morning just as each night has its stars.

Peace be unto you all and much love!


heather west said...

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!! Including all the crazy cats, dogs, chickens, birds, etc. . .!!!!!!!

elizabeth said...

sometimes having one's family a bit stronger and nearer to family and a wonderful area to live is a greater wealth than material riches. Merry Christmas and praying that God continues to bless, strengthen and protect you all!

Martha said... are celebrating NEW calendar Nativity now? ♥ such a joy to hear Jay's health is better and that he is able to help by serving in the altar!