Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frozen Pipes and Singing

I am a night owl, that is for sure. Since I am up, I thought I would blog a bit.

We are in at my folks' because it is the coldest winter in the area for over 20 years! Our pipes all froze and, in an attempt to keep the tub flowing, the drain pipe froze...ah well, such is life working out the kinks!

Funny, I miss our daily walks the most, but what I really miss about them, even just after a couple days, I love getting my blood moving...and singing. Yes, I walk and sing in the forest. I love and miss it. You are probably wondering what I sing. I usually go with something like Somewhere over the Rainbow, You'll Never Walk Alone, liturgical excerpts, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, etc.

I was just up thinking about that. The trees are good listeners and sometimes I hear a bird calling back in the distance and I stop to listen to the beauty of their song and try to locate from whence it came.

Calm, quiet, cold, breathtaking can a person not sing?


elizabeth said...

those walks sound very wonderful! hope the pipes thaw soon!