Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here We Are

Oh! The snow has been amazingly crazy! It is the worst this area has seen for some time and the temps are not getting above freezing in our little cabin, though the wood stove keeps pumping, with a little love. We got a sled after payday, which is a must-have in the mountains where it snows and sticks around. We also got Kat some real snow boots, because the one's we had just gotten here are all-weather BUT deep snow! We invested in some good hiking, climbing, messing around boots right before the snow came and, though they offer a good cover and her feet are in good care, can you imagine being a 9 year old girl being all suited up, with only nearly perfect shoes, having your mom repeatedly holler at you to come out of the heavy snow and onto the path? Now, thank God, we have proper boots AND we got them on sale! She is happier, drier, and less nagged...

We have been walking as daily as we can muster, which is nearly each day after breakfast, rain, snow, shine, or blizzard. We are becoming rather acquainted with our new 'backyard', of sorts, and enjoying all that there is to offer. The other day, tuesday, I think, we went walking all suited up for the weather, but it was the first day of real, bright sun, after all that grey and whiteness. We went wandering down a familiar path that had been snowed over and unplowed, until people began driving it again. We found a patch of sun that happens to illumine a hillside. Kat decided to slide down head first, on her belly, calling it 'penguin sledding'. Next day, we went promptly out with the sled we had left behind day before, to sled and sled. We found ourselves running the main road at our turn off to the clearing, which was loads of fun, then we went to what we will now refer to as 'Penguin Hill'. What fun we had on our sledding day yesterday, it was exactly what we all needed. The dogs all think that we are being whisked away by something unnatural, because they would chase after barking with serious intent, only to realize that the sled was not an invader or person of harmful consequence.

Wet, cold, and sparkly, that is our home right now. Beautiful and amazing, as we begin to learn more about its joy and peace. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be where we are. We have noted Jay's health more stable than ever these past 4+ years, with few-to-zero migraines, a massive change from even just before we left the city. Kat is growing like a weed, maturing into a young lady, but I am not sure how we got there. She has been into making food for us and is rather good at it. She has a dear heart and kindness within her that is a joy to encounter. Jay says that he is sure it is all my influence, but I know she has some gems due to his input, I am sure of it! They like a lot of the same things and I expect that will be a portion of her continued shaping in the future. I have often reminded him that a girl's papa is so magnanimously important, though it may not always appear that way, that she will measure men that she considers having in her life by what she finds admirable and acceptable in her own papa. Such lessons in life!

Now that the hectic season of holiday craziness is coming to a close, we are finally seeing a bit of respite on the horizon. There have been so many adjustments, both to settling in as a family and having some routine and also just getting to know our surroundings and schedules at church, etc. All is well, but we are only just recently beginning to find a true bit of consistency in what we are doing. Piece by piece, we will find more stability and more will be natural parts of our lives, but only time will tell.

I think that is all for now, so I will sign off. Peace and love to all!


elizabeth said...

I am so glad for these many good things!! Mr. Husband and I here moved about the same time you did (or should I say I moved and we married which is a big change) and it is just a bit more calm now too... lots of love to you! God's peace and protection!

peacework projects said...

Happy snow!!! We, obviously, don't have snow, but it has been freezing cold for about a month. Summer's coming!!!!!