Monday, July 25, 2011

Art For Thought

Art. It is something I have grown up with in the home my entire life, it is fused into my being as a fiber that cannot be separated from DNA, methinks. My whole family from childhood are visual artists, some of them are multi-dimensional, some are multi-media, all are rather talented. Though I do not consider myself that sort, I would say I am a fiber artist with knitting and sewing, as well as, with writing (I consider creating with words art), and would like to try my hand at pottery.

It isn't any wonder that Katherine has an innate sense of art swimming around in her. I have pictures from when she was 1, dressed in whatever she chose for the day, sprawled out over the floor with her papers full of drawings. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what will. She has always had her own ideas for art, so it will be interesting to have her in a class where they direct her skills in a certain manner. For example, when she was about 3 and 4, she went through a period where she would only draw with pencil and refused to color in between the lines of a coloring book. I think she decided that she would rather do the creating and make it exactly as she wants it. These days, she will color things in, but it still isn't her favorite sort of art and I am totally ok with that.

About a year ago, Katherine set up a time to skype with my dad, who is an artist and 'retired' art teacher. He was her Bob Ross. She had seen a show with Bob Ross one morning and could NOT resist the urge to paint something, so she did. Then, we thought of the idea with her Grawmps and she loved it. She had such a great time and I think we ought to do it again, if we can set it up.

This morning, I dropped her off to art camp which focuses on sketching and watercolors. She will go today through thursday for 3 hours each morning. The class is about 10 kids, including her, and one really nice teacher. She decided to wear as much color as she could fit in one outfit and I love that about her! She wore a tie-dye shirt underneath her tie-dye dress, with purple socks and her white, sparkly church sandals and 2 braids in her hair. She chose quick oats with cinnamon and raisins, as her breakfast and I brought grapes for her when she is done. Oh man, my baby is growing up and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of that.

I am a firm believer that we are all wired to be who we are, even before we are influenced by the world, but I also recognise that we are all capable of a great many things, if only we are given the opportunity. Her papa is a good example of being a late bloomer in fully realizing his artistic talent in his 30's, but just imagine if we hadn't decided that he should try an art class at the community college. Likely, he would just be drawing basic things with Katherine, only getting at the tip of his artistic iceberg. How many more people out their have untapped talent, partly due to lack of exposure, or simply because it doesn't fit in our societal status quo? Just something to chew over. Some of the most beautiful expressions of faith, love, life and nature are represented in art and I, for one, and grateful we have it.


Mary said...

Good blog! I would love to see some of Katherine's art work!