Monday, July 11, 2011

A Whirl Through June and Early July

Good golly, Miss Molly! These past weeks have come and gone in true summer fashion! It has been far too long since my being able to sit with my thoughts and begin to sort them to share. Mostly, everything is a blur of people, food from the garden patch, music, church, bikes, family, and so on and so forth.

It has been a whirlwind and July does not show any signs of slowing any time soon. For the last full week of july, Katherine is signed up for art camp through the city, M-Th, from 9am-12pm. They will work on sketching and watercolors. We have recently gotten her going in Kung Fu, which is M-F, 5:15-6pm, and now, Sat. at 9am. The great thing about the Kung Fu is that it is a flat rate and you can go as many times to the class during the week that you wish, so it is possible to take 6 days! She really likes it and I am glad. Dance has changed schedules this summer to where they are only offering dance camps during july, so we have had a bit of time to acclimate to Kung Fu and she will have her first Irish Stepdancing camp for these next 3 saturdays from 9am-12pm. She is hoping to work on her dance so well that she can test by the end of august into Beginner 2 and get her hard shoes. We shall see.

I was realizing how we seem to be busier now that summer is here, but mostly because they don't offer these sorts of camps and programs during the 'school year', so we have to snatch them up while we can. Since we homeschool, we can manage these funny schedules throughout the year, but they are only really available when the rest of the world has a break in the summer. So far, august should be fairly slow, although I have a way of looking at the calendar and thinking, "Oh look, I do have time!" I have scheduled the friday before her second dance camp to be an 'off' day to do NOTHING, because we have 2 things each day that weekend, PLUS the art camp starts that monday, so if I am not careful, I will end up with one burned out girl a week before her Iron Kids!

Speaking of Iron Kids, she is pretty excited to be involved. It will seem more real when we are closer and getting her things ready, but for now, it is just something that happens in early august. I think she is going to be especially thrilled because Jay's side of the family is planning to come and cheer her on. Both of his parents and Uncle Chris and Aunt Kara will be there, to the best of my knowledge. Being that she is a little Blue girl, the more people she loves who want to come support her, the better. I hope to remember to take pictures, but not so many that I lose sight of watching my baby go for it!

On to Jay! His ride went really well. He made it halfway through the 120 miles over enormous mountains and new when to throw in the towel. What more can you ask? He told me before he got started that just starting the ride would be a success and he rode 57 miles!!! It was a beautiful day and they didn't get rained on, thankfully, and Kat and I had a little date and drive in the mountains. One of the guys from church also did the ride and he caught a ride with us back to his vehicle, bought us dinner and even pitched in for the gas! Thanks, Mr. Tracey (as Kat calls him), that was so thoughtful and nice of you!

While Katherine and I were poking aroudn through the mountains awaiting our next pit stop for the cyclists, we popped into the little outdoor chapel of St. Anna, mother of the Theotokos, in Dumont. What a beautiful day and perfect place to go for a few. We said some prayers, sat by the creekside and watched hummingbirds dive bomb the feeders.

I am sure I have a lot more to report, but this is all I have for now. I may think of some more soon and post it, but this is the best update, for now. X' and O's!


Marfa said...

Inspiring...Jay's 57 miles! Whew!!! I love to bike but don't know if I could do that. How did he train for that? How long? My husband took Kung Fu...guess it's similar to karate. We've been doing karate for almost 5 years now and love it...I think it's important for a girl to know some self-defense! And we're officially off Irish dancing, too...they only have a week long camp during the summer. We're going to St. Seraphim's camp in Pennsylvania the first week of would be so nice if Kat could come, perhaps next year, as it's for 8 year olds and up.

h west said...

WOW!! Sounds fab. Great pics. Sounds like a TON of activity!!