Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grateful as I Grumble

Today after church I had set up a Thanksgiving Molebin. For those of you who don't know, we serve molebin's in the Orthodox faith for something specific, often to a particular saint whose intercession is desired, based on their real life (for example, a saint who cared for orphan and other children, may be asked for intercession) or other such things. Long story short, we pray to a saint for intercession and when we have answer, or semblance thereof, we give thanks to God, hence the Thanksgiving Molebin. Think what you will, but it was 10 days after a molebin for answers, on the Feast of Christ's Ascension, which became Pentecost on the 10th day, when we got the answer about Jay's health 3 years ago, so I do not, personally, doubt the purpose.

Alright, back to my purpose, the molebin was requested because of an intricate family matter that was intense and then was, quite literally, miraculously resolved, for the time being. To be sure, it is great to give thanks, and we do as many times as we muster during the day, but when you are appreciative for one thing in particular, but struggling with others, sometimes the gratefulness can be rather a stretch. Lately, with the washer broken and our money being spread thin, it lingers in the back of the mind with every thought and attachment.

Here's the thing, I was standing there while we awaited the molebin, chewing over whether it was right to have a Thanksgiving molebin, when I didn't feel as grateful and thankful as I had when it first occurred to me to have it. Rather, should we be also having one in favor of our situation, as well as the Thanksgiving. I mulled over that one for a few and during the first few minutes of the service, the answer popped into my head. No, I shouldn't be predisposed to the idea of making supplication when everything that we have is already in our favor. It isn't to say that prayers for certain things are not good, but, in other words, Glory to God for all things. If I am to be grateful for that which I want and request, I must also be grateful for that which I need in order to grow. Just because I don't care for something, doesn't mean there isn't reasonable purpose for it in my life.

Honestly, the roundabout way it was presented in my mind's eye was: "What would I tell Katherine?" I would tell her exactly that we need to be grateful for all that we have, not matter what it is and whether or not we care for its place. To take the good withthe bad. So, there you have it, a nearly rambling blogpost on molebin's, life lessons and getting exactly what is needed. Miracles and simplicity is everywhere, so long as we take a moment to breath and observe. At least, that is my experience thus far.

Until next time,