Thursday, July 28, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Alright, so I have been giving it some thought and have decided that one of the things where I am being afforded a lesson, is how to truly love your neighbor, but in my case, it is how to love your Christian neighbor. I know quite a few people, of varying backgrounds and lifestyles, but the people for me to most difficulty relate with are other Christians. In general, other Orthodox Christians don't fall into this category, but I have struggled with finding common ground, as well as, acceptance and beauty, in Christianity outside of the Orthodox realm.

When I have approached things from a cranial perspective, as in the beginning of trying to understand the teachings and perspectives of Protestants and Roman Catholics, it has only left me unsatisfied and sad, literally. There are plenty of people out there who also lend themselves to making it difficult to want to understand their beliefs, though I am surely no exception to this, particularly in my early days and when my emotions sneak in to jade things. In any case, my approach from a simply human and intellectual platform, led to disappointment.

I would say that when I began praying for people in their afflictions and simply focusing on my the plank in my own eye, to the best of my ability, with God's help, my understanding broadened and a seed was planted. I have found that Christ has revealed Himself in all people, in varying fashion everywhere. I have found a new facet of peace and faith within the context of loving one's neighbor in an entirety that I could hardly fathom.

I am grateful. This journey is a rigorous, beautiful one and I am glad to be on this path, though I may slip, I pray it is all to the Glory of God.


h west said...

Good thoughts. This issue can be such a struggle. But, what I am finding is that God is EVERYWHERE. His image is burned on EVERYONE. His law is written on EVERY heart. It is fun to see glimpses of God's energies in unexpected places. It teaches us more about Him. And, as for pelicans. I totally dig pelicans. Perhaps, my favorite bird. Maybe because they are all connected to your grandfather!