Friday, July 20, 2012

A Heart Heavy Day

Just after I went to bed last night, a gunman came into a movie theatre hardly 5 miles from our house showing the midnight premiere of the new Batman movie and began shooting. At least a dozen people lost their lives, countless others fight for theirs, and we have two family friends directly effected.

One friend of the family has a teenage daughter who is out of town, though may have been there had she been here, but her friend was shot. She is apparently stable and going to make it, but the trauma is unspeakable.

Another friend had her two older kids in the theatre right next door where bullets ripped through the walls, nearly injuring them. They gave eyewitness accounts of their experience and are currently shaken up.

I pray that the dust settles soon to help people find more answers, but more than anything, I pray for peace. This is an absolute tragedy, it saddens my heart and soul, how could it not. Peace may not come soon, but I hope and pray that it comes in time.

Lord have mercy!


elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy; so close to you! :( Hugs and prayers...

Veryla said...

Oh Aurelia, I am so very sorry for the above families. So very tragic. I know you will be of great support to them. Please keep me updated on the one who,was actually shot. Thanks.

Xen Xen said...

It looks like she has not had to have surgery and she may only have to spend tonight on the hospital to be sure no further care is needed.