Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mish Mash Moving Beeswax

Seeing as how we have put down a few roots and founded some routines and a lifestyle after being in the same place for 7 years, you may imagine it is not the easiest to just switch it up overnight. That being said, I wish it was that easy to get this done overnight! We have been swamped with life and such while we try to sort out our immediate plans for the future, but we have recently come to a conclusion, which entails a lot of buckling down.

We have been trying to have our lives as normal as possible up to this point, but that isn't going to work anymore if we are going to move. We have packed a number of things, though it still just looks a mess around here, and we have gotten rid of a ton, or so it would seem if we didn't have that much more lurking around the corner. By no means are we hoarders, but for goodness sakes, where on earth did all this come from?!!? I suppose when you lay down some roots, it is amazing what they can produce! Such a challenge.

We expect to be leaving around the same date, it looks like we will be having a short sale, since we are upside down in this mortgage, and we are all antsy to get out of town without even being packed. We discussed in depth how we need to really get this show on the road and be really serious about moving. Before we know it, we will be smack dab in Oregon, and I am sure we would all like it to be timely. Between all the church feast days, family birthdays, and our 10th anniversary, September is a busy month.

Our current packing regime is as follows: Monday through friday are packing days until around 4 or 5 pm, depending on when we are finishing up a project. Weekends are reserved for church, visiting Jay's mom and dad up north, Kat's Colorado birthday party, and seeing our church family. Wouldn't that be spectacular if we stick to it?!?!?! Our date we would like to be packed by, considering we can make it happen, is August 17th. We won't leave for a bit after that, but at least the feast of Transfiguration can be spent without any major bogging down of housing business.

I need to stop staying up so late! Things I have always been include, nightowl and last minuter. This does not, however, mean I dislike mornings or lack patience or foresight, only that this comes most naturally to me and I get discouraged by having to change my routine. I am rather adept at staying up into the wee hours, wherein I can contemplate anything I wish, or zone out, so I am in better spirits for facing the world next day. In fact, I oftentimes meet the next day as soon as it is rung in. I have a feeling that this old habit will die away quickly with the rising and setting of the sun on the acres of farmland we will be abiding on.

I almost won't be able to believe it until I literally breath it! Acres, creek, greenhouse, little house by the water, garden, bridge, orchard, family, quiet, moon, day and night, chickens, challenges, peace, and thoughts, with new adventures afoot.


elizabeth said...

moving is overwhelming - no question about it - ask for help as much as you can - this is how I am surviving it. may God help us!

Martha said...

you're going to love having chickens...I just fed mine a scoop from the compost (worms)...a feast to them!!!