Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Music

Kat and I laid there on her bed tonight, after she got in her p.j.'s and we called papa into the room, though I cannot remember why. When he arrived, he mentioned that it was creepy, because he couldn't tell whose voice he was hearing. She is at that age, I suppose, but still a mite young, where she is starting to sound like me.

My sisters and our mom have a always had a way of sounding like one another, but to each other, we are all very different. Perhaps it is this difference that we can detect on a minute level that helps us to have an ear for singing. People used to call the house and it didn't matter who answered the phone, we would inevitably get mixed up with someone else. It certainly was of no help that there were four of us to contend with, so I can understand to a degree, but there is nothing quite like your mom's co-worker diving head on into a conversation about medical whatnot, when you are expecting your best friend's phone call. To be fair, there were a few close friends who could tell the difference between us, or at least now it wasn't us.

Ok, so back to my original purpose here. We have the same pitch. Kat and I can synchronize our voices and, with the right training, we will be able to harmonize without effort. It is a fun little addition to our crazy lives, but I imagine us sitting in the great out of doors, papa on the guitar strumming a chord, and we girls, singing little song. Just tonight we sang our musical interpretation, however goofy, of Let It Snow! replete with random sound effects. like popcorn popping.

So far, this is a really great part of my job as mommy, especially after a day of backache that caused a headache, this was supremely wonderful.