Sunday, July 8, 2012

This is Huge

Well, for the biggest news of the decade in our family: We are moving to Oregon. Good grief, if you had asked me two months ago if I would be saying this, I would have thought it eyond crazzy; seriously. We have been discussing it since we visited in California with my parents. We knew there would have to be a lot of things that needed to come together in order to make it happen, and they have all happened in under a week.

First, we had someone come along and help with all our bills for July, because things were very rough. What a relief when they came! We then recieved a statement telling us that Jay's coverage for disability is now doubled and they'd work out rectifying payment when they got it in order. Next, we spoke with Fr. Boris to talk about our ideas and intentions, to which he said we ought to be close to family, instead of further. I called my mom, who then asked people at church to pray for us. My mom called me a couple days later to say that a woman at church has been praying for a long time to have just the right Orthodox family come live on her 5 acres outside of Ashland, in exchange for helping around the property. Phew! I am talking in the span of about 5 days, this all happened! It was last sunday that my mom called and I told her that I was somewhere between hyperventilating and crying, I wasn't sure how to feel or what to think, only that we are grateful!

We have told as many people as we could in person about our intended move. We have accepted the offer to go live on land and work it and expect to be gone in just a couple of months. We hope to rent out our condo, which will take some effort on our part, I only pray it goes smoothly. Please keep us in our prayers as we make this huge transition. On the downside, we will be missing our friends and family out here, though I continue to think about what we are going toward, rather than what we are leaving. Nonetheless, there are a number of people we have become close with and our church has become a beacon and stability through many rought waters. I want to cry every time I think of having to leave them, but I know we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. If I have learned anything, it is how, when things are meant to be, they simply fall into place, as though they were just waiting for the right time.

Today during the homily, which Fr. Jan gave (which I always look forward to it!), he was talking about the Gospel reading in today's service, which includes the swine who take on the demons cast out of the people, then run themselves to the sea, where they perish. Among many of the things he mentioned, I relished to hear the part about our lives and how, sometimes when God touches it, things don't always look like we imagined, but often, they are far greater than we could ever hope to dream. This is how I see this move. We are meant to go, it is time to be back in the valley. I am older, wiser, stronger, and basically a solidified self, to the point of knowing myself, family, faith, and heart more than ever before. I am grateful for the opportunity to be near my family again, especially with my dad's health in consideration. I thank you in advance for your prayers.

Glory to God for all things!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Hugs and YAY! and maybe we'll see you there!! ;o)

elizabeth said...

wow! May God bless this! Keep us posted!

heather west said...

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy in a fab kind of way. And, Mountain Mama, is this in the works for you too?!?!??

As always, I really don't care what happens to you as long as you visit HB at least twice a year and J-Dawg doesn't have to cut his hair.


PS. I must have the details of the location ASAP so I can find out just exactly how many miles it is and how long it will take to get there. . .

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome news!!! New adventure!!! It is so wonderful when God takes control of all things and we see the wonder of all this! I am so happy for you and your family! Will be praying for you! Please keep us posted!!!

Mary said...

That is so awesome, all those things happening in just 5 days!! I had no idea that Jay's disability coverage doubled!! Yay!! And living on 5 acres - how wonderful!! Your family will be perfect for that, I just know it!!
Praise God!! I am so excited for you!