Saturday, July 23, 2011


Where to begin....? Well, let's start with the washing machine deciding that it is a great time to go out and stop working. Oh joy! We have a front-loader and it has served us well for just more than 6 years, but replacing that sucker will likely cost a small fortune, of which we do not possess, and it will probably be half or more, to have it fixed. Jay is in contact with the woman he is working with through the Traumatic Brain Injury program to see if there is anyone who might be able to help solve this predicament. For now, laundromat's and friends' houses.

I have gotten out my jars to take inventory of what we've got to find out what we need to get. We have a fair amount of jars and even some lids, plenty of rings and varied sizes of everything. I want to get a couple more gallon jars for Jay to make some salt pickles because I think they will store better and not take up so much space or jars. The plan is to can with more fruit juices instead of too much cane sugar, or other granulated. I am going for more natural. It looks like we will be canning some peaches and pears that way and for jams; raspberry, strawberry, peach, plum (already made some), apple butter, etc. We also want to make some marinara, salsa, applesauce, pickled beets and green beans, and Jay wants to make hot sauce. The main goal is to have something to add to most meals throughout the winter months. I noticed last year, when I didn't can the summer before, we were all missing the supplemental yumminess from canning. Since I don't have a pressure canner, I can pickle, jam and preserve, which is quite fine by me! Happy canning to all of you out there who embark on this delicious adventure.

Katherine is becoming more mature lately, which is great, but sometimes a little hard to believe. She is in dance camp this month on saturdays, which is going great. She will begin art camp with sketching and watercolors on monday morning for 4 consecutive days, 3 hours each day. Kung Fu is going well and I can already see her improvement after being in for only 3 weeks. I call her my Kung Fu Kitty :o)

It is roasting hot outside and I might drag myself to the pool if it didn't require so much effort with the dressing and sunscreen business. We have to be aware of our lotions and shampoos, etc. due to the food issues, so we get the most basic sunscreen, but it does cost more and has to be applied more often. Oh well, it could always be worse. I guess I am just tired of the going and doing, so I think that is why I prefer going out in the autumn. It isn't so hot, the light begins to fade and people draw themselves indoors. I am an off-season sort of person. I like to camp at almost all times BUT summer, hiking makes that list too, I suppose that cycling is one of the only things I don't mind doing in summer. Summer has never been my favorite, not even as a kid. I like the calm, cooler, dark, quiet of autumn, it is my time of rest, or that is the intended plan.