Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Ice?

I have been freezing lemon juice, either fresh squeezed or Santa Cruz Organics not from concentrate lemon juice that I dilute, to be used in any case a person may want. Jay likes lemon in his water, so that is what gave me the idea! He thinks they are great and they offer a regulated amount of lemon juice, so you can figure out how much works best. I was even thinking that you could make a simple syrup to sweeten any cold beverage just a little, like iced tea! You could have one of each, a tad of lemon with a touch of sweetness.

Part of the fun is that we got these silicone ice molds in the shape of Scotty Dogs! The best part is that they work like nothing else and I highly recommend silicone molds for ice! Anyone else have any ideas?