Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today is Tuesday

How much time do we have?
A minute, week, month, year or decade
One thing is for sure, it will be a lifetime

This lifetime is deceiving in its entirety
A minute, week, month, a year or many
All add up to the blink of an eye

A continuous strand of lives intertwining throughout
Minutes, weeks, months, several years
Breath us in and out into its flow

We are but a single movement in this ebbing tide
This minute, week, month, years and then some
Fade into this streaming lifeline without hesitation

In the eyes of a child, this lifetime is truly lengthy
Every minute, week, month and year
It's so far away, it drifts in and out without end

The older we get, we realize the truth of all of this time
These minutes, weeks, months and years
Have already passed, when we thought they'd never come

The dreams of growing up and starting a family are so distant
In the minutes, weeks, months and years
Until time bares the fullness of its secret

This life is just the dream and we will awake when this body is gone
After these minutes, weeks, months and years
But we will keep those things we have stored up into our hearts and souls

So, let us cherish dearly those people in our passing
Minutes, weeks, months and years
As if we might awake at any time