Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Slow, but Lovely Saturday

So, today is saturday and we are having a slow day around the Dunn household. It is much needed and appreciated. Some nice Ancient Faith Radio is playing in the background, the smell of cookies and purple oat coffeecake bread stuff and a little girl who is chomping at the bit for some of it to eat.

Speaking of the girl, I finished her shrug for her birthday, I just have to be sure to wait that long. Hee hee! Val, from wednesday night knitting, said she has some sculpey clay stuff that we can make some buttons out of for my and Katherine's shrugs. I just have to get on making mine and I will have successfully used the yarn my mommy got me for my hat and my long-sleeved shrug.

I can't think of much else at this point, oh, but wait, there's more! I found a twenty dollar bill in my purse hidden in an envelope and I will now have money to get some fruit to be blessed on thursday after the liturgy for Transfiguration! (Or at least that is my take on it!) Glory to God for all things, whatever they may be!


Martha said...

Such a LOVELY shrug....looks like Kat's style! You're so talented....I especially love the work on the trim...the yellow looks like lace!

Xen Xen said...

The bottom edge is a simple lace pattern and the sleeves and collar is just a rib knit. I totally love the yarn, particularly the self-striping stuff AND it is all washable! Would you believe that the edging yarn is probably from the 60's!