Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grab Bag Sort of Day

So far today, I have managed to felt bowls that felted to the inside of themselves and swear off that project for knitting for the day and got started on a cute shrug for Katherine out of some Yarn that I know she will really like. Coffee out with some fellow knitters is always a good remember for mishaps and frustration to commiserate about projects gone wrong. Knitting again tonight at the Knitting Habitat for some very welcome sit and knit time with the girls. I figure if I get on a roll knitting, I had better ride the wave.

In other news, our swiss chard is growing EXTREMELY well and we have been eating its bounty regularly. The lettuce is growing nicely as well and the greek mini basil remains a family favorite as it flourishes to, seemingly, no end. Katherine's 'k'arrot patch is thriving as she thins through some of the smaller ones and has gotten to harvest a couple of fat, short multi-colored carrots. The carnival blend really is something great, so if you have a chance to grow these carrots, I highly recommend it, they are low-maintenence and fun.

Classical music is playing on in the background, which reminds me that Katherine is asking to learn to play the violin. Jay found a lady who does group lessons by the semester and another place that rents violins, so we will have to add it all up and see if we can't get her started on a trial basis. Who knows, she may end up the next world-reknowned violinist, after Elana, of course. Though art is still her true focus and love in life, she will always be partial to some markers and paper, or maybe some paints. I hope to also procure a membership to the Denver Art Museum, but we will have to search the budget for that as well, and Jay wants to see if they offer any discount for disabled veterans. Lots of places seem to offer a discount or even free admission, but it isn't always advertised, so we will have to check it out.

We are on a super tight budget for the next 1.5-2 weeks, so that has meant that I have had the opportunity to rediscover my bike. So, I ride a lot more and a tank of gas in Leafa has lasted much longer. I went big shopping ahead of time knowing we wouldn't get paid for a little while and, Glory to God, it has lasted and run out at just the right times. I only have things like onions and tomato on my list to supplement what we have. Dormition fast starts soon for 2 weeks, so that will simplify our menu a bunch too, but I only hope to have enough money to get some nice fruit to have blessed on Transfiguration after the liturgy.

Well, I had better get on with the day and see about my yellow split pea soup with celery and carrots and say my prayers and have all my ducks in a row before heading out of the door again! Until next time!


Martha said...

We've been riding our bikes a lot lately, Trader Joe's, Gordon Food Service, etc. We live across the street from a plaza with a library and lots of stuff, too. So nice to save $ and energy.

I'd love to see a picture of your felted bowl. My older daughter really wants to get into felting. We bought the wool and just need to get some felting needles!