Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thunderstorms and Musings

I am sitting here in the near dark on this wonderful sunday evening as the wind stirs the plants about and sets the chimes to swinging. I think this is the third thunderstorm of the day, but only the second actual rain. The first was very calm and this one has come to make itself known with bright flashes of lightening and bold, rolling thunder. The air rushes through leaves and rain to create an almost oceanic experience. Coolness is seeping through the screen in the doors and windows as the curtains sway and billow. There is something to it, having these forceful, blustery times because it gently subdues my chaotic mind. The sound, coupled with smells and feeling, wash over me to offer a soothing and comforting blanket of reassurance. It is bigger than I. No matter my struggles, it will always be bigger. The tossing and turning that tends to overwhelm my day to day is drowned out in this exhibit of powerful presence and awe-inspiring movements of the nights own dream.

The storm seems to swirl around, as if it does not wish to leave. This give and take acts as in such a symbiotic way, it would be silly to try to imagine that it is not in some way perfected. Every drop from the clouds, every rumble of thunder, every flicker of lightening, timed to the exact moment of its arrival is just right. The cool breeze is heavenly after a warm summer day and the water that feeds our lively little garden makes me grateful. Grateful for things I do not fully understand, for knowing those things I cannot control and for being allowed an opportunity to experience peace, even if it is momentary. Though it seems that I might lack appreciation for these if they were ordinary and frequent, I am grateful to notice when things are calm and without conflict.

When I was young, I found so much tranquility in being in the rain, thunder or not. I would sing and the rain could hear me, whatever it might be on my heart. Perhaps I have learned to surrender my troubles when it rains and let them be washed away with everything else. All I know is this, whenever there is a good rain, I find it to be cleansing and that I am uplifted. I do not wish to question this gift, only accept its abundance when at all possible.

The bamboo chimes drift on the wind and beckon me to rest...good night all, for now and peace be unto all, wherever you may be.


Tina said...

I love bamboo chimes, and church music, and thunderstorms. I was always in the rain as a kid.